Thursday, June 16, 2011

3 Weeks to go!!

3 Weeks to go!!

Well I've noticed I haven't posted anything for quite sometime on here about Baby Madison. We found out that we are having a baby girl!!! So pink, pink and more pink :)

We've already had the baby shower on May 14th, 2010 that was held at the Moses Lake Country Club in Moses Lake, WA with tons of family and friends. Madison is going to be so spoiled and well dressed that is for sure. Her closest and dresser are so packed that I have a hard time closing and shutting everything but I love it!! She is going to be just like mommy with lots of outfits. Jeremy thinks we should just share closets and dresser since we both have so much. Silly Jeremy.... He is stuck having just a tiny space in our small closet, at least until our house is built and then he will have his own closet and dresser and wont have to complain about all of my wonderful things and how much space they take up. :)

The picture above is our 3D picture of Madison. She was thinking during this shot with her little hand on her chin. She weighed at the time aprox. 4lbs 8 oz. That was May 25th. We are now on week 37 today and can't believe the time is almost here to meet our little girl. She is having lots and lots of hiccups which my midwife said is good cause that means she is growing. My weight has stayed the same this past week. I've been really achy at night through my legs so I guess I need to up the milk intake and I've been told if I want her to come early to walk lots! Although she hasn't budged at all and is still pretty high.

I have been bored out of my mind since we sold the house in early May. We have no garage to redo furniture in or very much house to clean since it's a two bedroom newer apartment way....smaller than our previous house. So I've been trying to keep my feet up and relax and anyone that knows me knows that I don't relax. I like to stay busy. So I've reorganized Madison's things so many times and know that they will get reorganized many more times before she arrives. Her bedding is still not complete yet as I've been going back and forth with do I add a bumper or do I NOT add a bumper. I've done a lot of research on the internet and talked with lots of friends and I just don't know. I know I'll be protective and wont want her to hurt herself but the crib just looks like it's missing something. Wonderbumpers is what I am thinking but they are so expensive so I might be making my own and see how they turn out.

Jeremy has one more day left of school and then we are both officially on Summer Break!! We miss our dogs TONS!! As they are living with their Grandma & Grandpa right now till the house is finished. (Which we are hoping this Fall or early Winter- but haven't started actually building yet).

I'll try to stay more up to date on this thing it's just hard to remember that I have created a blog.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Girl or Boy??

Well Jeremy and I went in to the Hospital yesterday to see if we could find out early at 15 weeks and three days. But nothing. It was still too early. My Amazing Girl Ultrasound Tech Jessica thought maybe at 15 weeks we'd be able to take a sneak peek and find out the sex of the baby but... at first it was a girl then maybe it's a boy... not sure. With all of the hormones in my body right now it's hard to tell right now so we will wait till 20 weeks to find out. We did get some amazing photo's (profile, hand and foot)and thought it was so precious to watch the baby moving around the whole time. Around and around and around the baby went somersaults to back flips it was quite amazing to watch... though the whole time we were waiting to see if we could see just something but we just could tell so until we wait our baby is the size of an apple now and is growing :) I'm still not really showing but enjoying every moment of being pregnant.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Baby's Heartbeat

Had my second visit to my midwife with hearing the baby's heartbeat. This time the baby was sure moving around a lot she said. It was so interesting listening to the heartbeat even if it didn't at all sound like I would have thought. I am 14 weeks now and hoping to find out soon what we are having. I've only gained 4 pounds so far so still no real sign of showing.... occasionally you'll spot a bump here and there depending on my outfit and time of day but really nothing. Hoping I can keep it that way for awhile ;) Although I did have one of my students ask, "Ms. Candace do you have junk in your trunk?" Thank you Ms. Heather for teaching them that wonderful saying!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


We are having a BABY!!
Jeremy and I are expecting our first baby and are so very excited!! As many of you know Jeremy and I were on a 5 year plan. And many of you laughed your little hearts out but we had a plan and wanted to be well prepared for the task of being parents. I guess we liked to say we wanted to be financially ready for a baby, but like we have heard from lots of parents is that you will never be finacially ready for a baby. I'd like to think we are well than prepared now being married for 5 years and not to mention we are both teachers and see and have learned from many parents and students. :) O' and we can't forget we basically have four children already, Gracie, George, Piper and Emma. They are much like kids: Vet bills, food, throw up, accidents, grounded :), spoiled and would break our hearts if something ever happened to them.
Since we've been planning for 5 years we have tons of baby stuff just not the gender related stuff. Furniture is all in storage along with some misc. baby stuff. So that will be a HUGE relief later.
Some have asked what we are hoping to have and Jeremy's response is "a baby, we know it's either going to be a boy or a girl". Ha! Well he's hoping we only have girls considering he grew up with 2 brothers. I on the other hand am 1 of 6 kids, ultimately we are hoping for one boy and one girl. But we are fine with either.
Christmas cards went out as our announcement of the new addition and most people just skipped over the names on the card for whatever reason (they know all of the dogs and us, just looked at the picture, or they thought that "George" the St. Bernard name was "BABY", some even thought one of our dogs was pregnant... too funny!) Those that have been nagging and know that we reached our 5 year plan caught on quick others needed a little hint to go back and read the card as they comment on my Fabulous Sofa!! :) and there were quite a few of those.
We are due July 8th!!

Happy Holidays!!

Happy Holidays!!
Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday and a VERY Happy New Year.
The Pitts Family

Candace, Gracie, Emma, Piper, Jeremy, George & BABY!!